1988-01-09 Newport Centre, Newport, Wales, UK

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1988-01-09 Newport Centre, Newport, Wales, UK

Post 07 maja 2021 18:39

Stwierdzam, że ten jakże oryginalny (incydent na Master & Servant) koncert, to jeden z lepiej nagranych botlegów z tej trasy. Rzadko spotykana jakość jak na nieoficjalne nagrania z tej trasy.
dmlive.wiki pisze:According to a concertgoer, Martin Gore gave the middle finger to an audience member during "The Things You Said". Hard Corps was the support act.

Track list

[3:40] Play Pimpf
[5:32] Play Behind The Wheel
[4:44] Play Strangelove
[5:05] Play Sacred
[3:50] Play Something To Do
[5:02] Play Blasphemous Rumours
[6:34] Play Stripped
[3:31] Play Pipeline (*)
[4:02] Play The Things You Said (*)
[4:30] Play Black Celebration
[5:03] Play Shake The Disease
[4:31] Play Nothing
[4:28] Play Pleasure, Little Treasure
[4:52] Play People Are People
[4:08] Play A Question Of Time
[7:00] Play Never Let Me Down Again
[4:00] Play A Question Of Lust (*)
[4:06] Play Master And Servant
[6:25] Play Everything Counts

Total time: 1:31:92


low gen audience tape (unknown taper & equipment) -> Nakamichi CR-4E -> Sony PCM-M10 (24-bit 48khz) -> Audacity (cuts removed, normalization) -> FLAC level 8 (16/48)
Transfer & mastering: fallenqueen


A very good audience recording. It plays just a bit fast. Only about half of Master And Servant was played due to a technical error - seems that the backing tape ended abruptly. The band went off stage and returned for the final encore. The beginning of Pimpf is missing and the first few seconds of Black Celebration and Shake The Disease are missing, but otherwise this is a complete recording.
https://www.dmlive.wiki/wiki/1988-01-09 ... _Wales,_UK
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Post 07 maja 2021 18:47

Fajny bootleg, jedyna wada to lekki efekt studni i mało bitu, ale poza tym rewelka jak na tamte czasy. Wkurwiiony Gahan na M&S złoto.